Zovig Garboushian, speaker at 2022 Speak Up Women Conference

What Would You Gain If You Unleashed Your Inner Rebel?

How often do you get in touch with your inner rebel?

If you’re thinking, “What inner rebel? I’m a rule follower. No rebels here,” you’re not alone.

The word Rebel is perceived in many ways, few which are positive, unfortunately. You might think of images of a revolutionary in combat boots marching through the streets or someone who is a troublemaker, breaking rules and creating chaos in her daily life.

You’re not completely wrong, but there’s more to the story of what a rebel is.

At first blush, a rebel may feel like something you could never identify with.

And yet, every woman has a voice inside her that is screaming at the top of her lungs to be unleashed – to say yes, to say no, demand what she wants and take nothing less.

That voice is your truth.

That voice is your inner rebel.

Why is it so hard to unleash your inner rebel?

Because speaking our truth can be challenging, especially in a world where women’s voices are not always welcome or encouraged. Being a rebel means going against what’s expected of you. If you do that, you fear you might have something to lose.







We work very hard to curate our lives so that they have the perfect amounts of these elements because without them life could look pretty bleak.

We grip the things that we believe to be important, sometimes even when they don’t align with our core values or deepest beliefs.

Have you ever stayed in a job because of the money and realized you were tolerating a toxic or non-inclusive environment?

Can you recall a time when you held onto a relationship for fear of being alone?

How many times have you posted something on your social feed only to be disappointed by the number of likes you didn’t receive?

I’d venture a guess that in those moments, your inner rebel was screaming to be unleashed so she could stop whatever madness was happening, but your fear may have quieted the sound.

How do you unleash your inner rebel?

The first thing to do is pause and tune in. Ask her what she has to say, then listen to her answer. Most likely, she’s speaking the truth to you, even if it’s hard to hear. Then take the time to examine what you might lose compared to what you could stand to gain if you let her out.

At first, slowing ourselves down to tap into our inner voice can be challenging. Tuning into ourselves means tuning out the noise that’s around us.  The more you tune into her, the easier it becomes.

Your inner rebel is fierce. She has nothing to lose by reminding you of your truth. You, however, have everything to gain by letting her speak it.

What do you have to gain by unleashing your inner rebel?

Your inner rebel is your compass, your effortless knowing, your truth. She is born of fire and designed to push back when your values and core beliefs are challenged. She seems a little dangerous and risky. She’s an edgy unicorn and that can make people uncomfortable!

But she is your ticket to creating a life that represents the real you, on every level.

Imagine feeling more integrity, fulfillment, inner alignment, genuine connection, powerful boundaries, excitement and enthusiasm in areas of your life where it matters.

Learn more about Zovig and her journey at the Speak Up Women Conference.

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