Alex Cappe, Speak Up Women 2022 Speaker

The #1 Mindset Shift To Bring More Joy To Your Life Right Now

If you can embrace this mindset shift and accept this key thing, then the possibilities for your own joy and the joy you bring to others are endless.

The reasons you may not be doing it range as far as self-doubt to worldwide societal pressures. When you can change how you think about it, and connect back to this thing, you will never want to abandon it again.

So, what is this magical thing?

If your curiosity is piqued, here is what I’m referring to – creativity.

If creativity is expressing humanity, then all of us can do it. We just need to learn to jumpstart it if we’ve become disconnected. Then we can harness it to improve our lives. When we do, we’re able to turn our sometimes-painful experiences into something beautiful. We can exorcise things and free up space to be present. When we’re stuck, we can dislodge ourselves. When we forget who we are, our creations can remind us.

One of the successes of being a human is finding joy and wholeness from within. Finding that joy and learning to maintain it allows us to love more purely, feel more empathy, and savor the moments we have. Many of us get disconnected from ourselves at some point or take on a limited mindset. It’s essential to learn to connect to ourselves and have a deep understanding of who we are, what we want, and why we want it. Creativity is something that allows all these things to happen.

What a happier world it would be if we were all tapping into that part of ourselves and expressing it. How much more peace and joy there would be. How much more understanding. How much more light. How much more self-acceptance and acceptance of others.

What might be blocking you

Maybe you’ve been told at some point that you’re not creative. It can be easy to believe when you’re not nurturing that part of yourself. Over time, society squashes out the creativity of kids and tells the story that it’s less important than other abilities. You can watch as a 5-year-old proudly shows you a painting that may look like blobs. Then as the teen years hit, that brazenness and pride often go away. Kids become self-conscious and doubt what they can do. Many then develop the mindset shift that they’re not creative, that there’s no value in something they might create, and to fit into the boxes that society deems worthwhile.

There’s an abundance mindset that comes when you embrace your creativity. Abundance mindset leads to more possibilities. More possibilities lead to more hope. Having more hope can lead to more freedom and joy.

Feel more joy any time

You can cultivate the feeling of joy within yourself any time through creation. You don’t need someone else there. The power is in your own hands. You never have to worry that you don’t have this tool because it is with you from your first breath till your last. It’s ever-morphing. And it evolves along with you.

It’s important to create for yourself, and if you can, share what you’ve created with others. This helps us feel less alone. You don’t have to make things that are “perfect”. In fact, throw out perfectionism altogether! You have permission to try things again, to get it wrong, to be messy. Allowing those things opens you up and liberates you. And you make the mindset shift that you are in fact creative and that it makes you feel better when you use that part of yourself.

I’ve not known a greater, more reliable or lasting joy than creation. Shed the “shoulds” of society and tap into that authentic core. That’s where we’re most powerful.

The next time things seem impossible, remember that there’s a way to come home to yourself and cultivate joy through creativity. Things will be ok. And you are worthy of your dreams. Make the mindset shift today – your future self will thank you.

Learn more about Alex and her journey at the Speak Up Women Conference.

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