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As a subscriber of the Speak Up Women Quarterly Gift Box Program,

you have the elite opportunity to purchase a seat at the virtual table with authors of the books featured in each quarterly subscription gift box.


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Meet & Greet the Author

Quarterly Meet & Greet With The Author

Each quarter, we welcome the author of our featured book in the quarterly subscription gift box to join us for “Meet & Greet” opportunities to talk about her book, answer questions, and participate in a fun, interactive book club discussion with our communicators, the women who receive the quarterly Speak Up Women Quarterly Gift Box.

Meet the Author

Grab Your Cocktail Or Beverage & Gather ‘round The Table

As a subscriber, you can choose to purchase a seat to “meet the author” 6 weeks after the gift box shipment has been mailed in the quarter or 12 weeks after the gift box shipment has been mailed in the quarter.

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