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What’s A JEN Talks Salon?

A new series of talks designed to serve every woman in her efforts to use her voice, increase her confidence, and speak up for what she wants, needs, and believes in.

"What's In It For Me?"

JEN Talks Salons are presented with the intention to…


Jumpstart your thinking, confidence, and competence in your chosen area of focus


Elevate and encourage you to use your voice to express what you want, need, and believe in


Nourish your desire for the life you imagine with tools, insights, inspiration, and motivation to help you find your voice and use it for your highest good and the greater good for others

“We become the conversations we have.”


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How it works

As part of the Speak Up Women Community,

Enjoy learning from our inspiring JEN Talks speakers during each quarterly Salon evening. You will meet amazing women who share your passion for speaking up in a fun networking environment from wherever you are.

Salon evenings are virtual and include...

You do not have to be a quarterly gift box subscriber to participate.


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To participate in a JEN Talks Salon, go to the Events calendar to collect and collaborate with the community during this special quarterly event.

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