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If you want to boost your brand awareness and loyalty and reach a community of successful women with purchasing power of $7 trillion, then Speak Up Women is for you!

Leverage this elite opportunity to show your encouragement, support, and inspiration to our Speak Up Women Community by sharing your brands, products, services and books for women with our activated and motivated audience.

If your company aspires to create change in the world, and aligns with the Speak Up Women mission and vision, we want to introduce you to our community through our Get In the Box placement opportunity!


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Successful women with purchasing power

0 %

of all consumer purchases in America are made or influenced by women.

30- 30

years old

$100,000 -

$ 20000

in annual income

About Speak Up Women

What Is Speak Up Women & Who Is Jennifer S. Wilkov?

Speak Up Women is a series of virtual women’s conferences and events devoted to women’s empowerment and self-expression. 

Founder Jennifer S. Wilkov is a multi #1 international best-selling, award-winning author, TED/keynote speaker, book and business consultant, and entrepreneur. 

Her mission is to help women overcome their fears of speaking up whether for a personal or professional goal, in a relationship, or for a social cause.



Market and promote your brand, products, services, or books

We are interested in building a long-term relationship with you and have many creative and innovative ideas that will make our partnership a success.


Educate successful women about your company, products, and services

Increase brand awareness and loyalty

Grow your customer base

Drive traffic and sales

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Get In the Box …and so much more

Learn more about how to Become A Sponsor of the Speak Up Women Community!

We offer different levels of sponsorship to meet the needs of businesses and organizations, big and small.

Our ask is that you understand and embrace the value behind empowering women to have a voice.

If this is you and your business or organization, we want to speak with you!

Submit your interest and application to become a Speak Up Women sponsor.

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