Why your words matter when you speak up.

Why Your Words Matter When You Speak Up

It takes tremendous courage and bravery to speak up. Why? Because we face the potential fear of loss: the loss of love, friendship, maybe even the loss of security. We all feel the gravity in that moment of speaking up. ALL words matter, not only when we speak up but everyday. 

Words have an energetic signature and vibration. What do I mean by this? Let me give you an example of two words: abundance and rich. They are similar in meaning, are they not? How does abundance feel to you versus rich? Does one feel more expansive and open? Which one? When you say and feel the word ‘abundance,’ does it represent to you that all your needs are met? When you say and feel the word ‘rich,’ does it confine you to the thought of money only?

Abundance is a high vibrational word; it has a higher frequency than the word rich. Can you sense it? What do you think makes a word have a higher frequency than another? Let’s go into the etymology of these words and dive deeper. 

Abundance | Search Online Etymology Dictionary (

“copious quantity or supply,” mid-14c., from Old French abondance and directly from Latin abundantia “fullness, plenty,” abstract noun from abundant-, stem of abundans “overflowing, full,” present participle of abundare “to overflow”.

Rich | Search Online Etymology Dictionary (

Old English rice “strong, powerful; great, mighty; of high rank” (senses now obsolete), in later Old English “wealthy;” from Proto-Germanic *rikijaz (source also of Old Norse rikr, Swedish rik, Danish rig, Old Frisian rike “wealthy, mighty,” Dutch rijk, Old High German rihhi “ruler, powerful, rich,” German reich “rich,” Gothic reiks “ruler, powerful, rich”), borrowed from a Celtic source akin to Gaulish *rix, Old Irish ri (genitive rig) “king,” from Proto-Celtic *rix, from PIE root *reg- “move in a straight line,” with derivatives meaning “to direct in a straight line,” thus “to lead, rule”.

Isn’t it interesting that the etymology of the word rich included a powerful ruler? Can you see how abundance (plenty) is based more in love, while the word rich (ruler) is more focused on fear and control? This is what I mean by the energetic and vibrational frequency of a word. Words evoke an emotion and an intention. 

When you choose your words, what are your intentions? 

Another way to think about words is to think of them as ingredients to your dish. Are you using bitter and sour words? Have you ever cooked with wine? If the wine you cook with is not drinkable, why are you adding it to your dish? 

When you use bitter and sour words, why do you not expect bitter and sour to be reflected back to you? If you are in a state of fear, your fear will most likely be felt and seen and reflected back to you. 

The Universe operates on frequency and vibration, and everything is energy. 

Words carry energy, a frequency and vibration, that will reverberate back to you. You affect the Universe with the words you say when you speak up. Your words matter even more in these moments because you are declaring your beliefs and intentions. Are you going to choose loving words or fear-based words?

For example, I used to say I have to . . . I have to do the laundry. I have to get my daughter. I have to go to work. I used to say ‘I have to,’ all the time, multiple times a day. It felt normal, but saying ‘I have to’ is not empowering. It reinforces the feeling and statement to the Universe that I am obligated without choice.

I switched the phrase ‘I have to’ and instead used ‘I want to.’ 

I want to go to work. I want to get my daughter. I want to do laundry. The word ‘want’ has a frequency based on lack and desire, but it allowed me to break the habit and reinforced the idea that I had a choice.

I started to exchange the phrase ‘I want to’ into ‘I am’ statements and incorporated the word ‘enjoy.’ For example, I am going to do the laundry. I enjoy doing the laundry. I am going to pick up my daughter. I enjoy picking up my daughter. I am going to work. I enjoy going to work.

It is an altogether different feel and declaration, is it not? Notice the subtle shifts in language when I used a higher vibrational vocabulary. This is what I mean when I say how much words matter. You are responsible for your own energetic vibration. What you vibrate will be reflected back to you, and your words are part of that energetic vibration, especially the words you choose when you speak up. 

We all use words every day without thought. 

We do not think energetically, let alone about our own vibration and intentions. We all have the ability to choose words that are compassionate and loving, whether we say these words to ourselves or to another. We can express our truth, our view points, in any manner, but why not choose more love? Why not choose high vibrational words? 

And so, I ask you . . . in this moment, can you reflect on what words you often use? What are your “go to” words? What do you say in anger and in fear? What words do you tell yourself? Are they loving words or are they based in fear and control? The first step is awareness. Be curious. Pay attention to what you say, write and text. See if you can incorporate higher frequency words that are based in love into your day-to-day communications. In doing so, you will experience love reflected back to you. 

With this practice of using high vibrational words every day, you will begin to condition and change your vocabulary. You are acknowledging that yes, all words matter. If you train and practice using the art of high vibrational words, when it is time for you to speak up, you will naturally use words that are more loving and compassionate. 

When you speak your truth with compassion and love, you will emit a harmonic and balanced frequency. This feeling of love being reflected back will impact and empower your whole experience of speaking up. It will ensure your truth is received and heard in that moment with clarity and understanding.

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