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March 8, 2019 STARTING AT 8.30 AM
Panelist, Speak Up In Your Community

Kristy Wallace

President, Ellevate Network

Kristy Wallace is the President at Ellevate Network and is responsible for executing Ellevate Network’s mission to close the gender achievement gap in business by providing professional women with a global community to lean on and learn from. She directs the Network’s staff, is responsible for business growth and strategy, and works closely with Ellevate’s Chapter Leaders, Business Partners, and Champions to further Ellevate’s impact.

Prior to joining Ellevate, Kristy was a founding team member of Zeel.com, where she oversaw operations, business modeling, brand development, partnerships, and fundraising.  Prior to Zeel, Kristy served as VP of North America Ad Sales and then GM of International Operations at Vault.com.

Kristy obtained her BA in English/Sociology from Villanova University. Kristy lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and three wonderful children.