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March 8, 2019 STARTING AT 8.30 AM
Panelist, Speak Up in Health

Dr Gerry Curatola

Aesthetic Dentist, Author and Wellness Pioneer

Dr. Gerry Curatola is Founder/Director of Rejuvenation Dentistry and is an internationally recognized aesthetic dentist, oral health expert, researcher, author and wellness pioneer.

Dr. Curatola’s extensive career in dentistry combined with his interest in Complementary and Alternative Medicine has led to the birth of an integrative dental care philosophy that considers the connections of the mouth, body and spirit. He is author of “The Mouth Body Connection” which is a 28-Day Program to Lower Your Risk of Disease. This book presents a three-stage program for fostering a healthy oral microbiome and bringing the body into balance by means of diet, supplements, exercise and stress reduction. The program is designed to change habits that undermine health and to replace them with a way of life that keeps microbial communities balanced to support well-being.

Dr. Curatola is an Associate Professor at NYU College of Dentistry in the Division of Cariology and Comprehensive Care and is in private practice in New York City.